i am alive


i was just lazy as always.


20 days to return to my homeland. finally! hope someone will wait me with WELCOME HOME board on airport.


will go to work very soon


smells good (cocoa butter body balsam)


need to take a shower

My Review of PAC-MAN Eat Me Bracelet


Originally submitted at 80sTees.com

PAC-MAN is following in the footsteps of Lance Armstrong and now has his own rubber wristband/bracelet with words of encouragement. This PAC-MAN band is royal blue and has the words "Eat Me". STKSTF

Must-have for Pac-man fans

By matysek from slovakia on 8/10/2008


5out of 5

Pros: Stylish, Comfortable, Good Fit, Durable

Best Uses: Travel, Casual Wear

Describe Yourself: Modern, Stylish, Practical

Must-have for Pac-man fans



i'm drinking pineaple juice and thinking...

clip of the day... ental - dark hungarian dragon


i had to write "clip of the universe", but i don't like promises :D

past and present


in the past, i was able to see the movie poster in the cinema, maybe read some review in magazine about it, talk about it with friends and just after that i decided to buy a ticket to cinema or not. or, rent a VHS/DVD. now? i search on the internet, read the blog about new movies, than i find a review of the movies, decide if i want to see all of them, search for torrent or link, find a review if quality of rips are ok, download it and tada... few hours later i watch brand new movies, sometimes sooner than in cinemas. i won't see them on big cinema screen, but i'll watch them sooner than other people.

in the past, i was able to see the poster of band or singer on the wall of friend, maybe read some review in magazine, talk about it with friends and just after that i decided to buy a casette/vynil/CD. now? i search on the internet, read the blog about music styles, than i find a review of the albums, decide if i want to liten all of them, serach for torrent or link, download it and tada... few hours later i have in MP3 player music which i won't find in music shop yet. i don't have a booklet, but who need it if i listen it as MP3 and i can find more infos online?

in the past, when i saw the girl in the street i was too shy to start talking with her. she might like the other things like me, maybe she have diffrent taste of music, art and so. i read some hints in magazines, talk about it with friends and just after that i decided to talk with her. now? i search on the internet, find a social network circle which my dream girl belong to, search for an IM contact, chat with her and tada... if i'm lucky guy, i date with person i found. who cares it started on the internet? if we like common things, like each other is it a relationship? sure!

clip of a day... o rappa "minha alma"


a minha alma está armada e apontada para a cara do sossego...
pois paz sem voz não é paz é medo...

às vezes eu falo com a vida às vezes é ela quem diz
qual a paz que eu não quero conservar para tentar ser feliz

as grades do condomínio são para trazer proteção
mas também trazem a dúvida se não é você que está nessa prisão
me abrace e me dê um beijo faça um filho comigo
mas não me deixe sentar na poltrona no dia de domingo
procurando novas drogas de aluguel nesse vídeo
coagido pela paz que eu não quero seguir admitindo

new logo, new promises, new bla bla bla


well, i don't know how much of you all are still reading, but i send you nice greetings and bla bla bla. as you can see, i did new logo - finally, maybe i'll do 88x31 buttons... i can promise a lot ;) nothing changed, i'm still the same lazy person which i have always been and its really a wonder that this blog is still alive; i think we belong to each other. i can't leave it, i tried it so many times. if i still have readers, please let me know, if you aren't so lazy like i am.

i'm eBay freak


linutop. little desktop computer


I was thinking about buying another computer; of course linux-supported... i liked for example asus eee or some another subnotebook, but now i have totally different idea: linutop. a pretty small computer with 4 usb, 2 audio jacks and xubuntu installed on 1GB flash. it's completelly silent, you can place it on the back of LCD monitor, plug some usb keyboard and that's it! i totally love that idea and i hope some company will improve it.

i've got a new addiction


you'll never believe how is possible that game with so simple graphics can be so good. you really have to try it. all you need for playing is java and arrow keys and space.


i'm still the same person - too lazy to write something and keep it alive...

voyage voyage, zilina


click on picture

i totally recommend this place. you have to try if you are close. it's suprprisingly perfect.